Fair and simple pricing

One simple pricing plan will get you everything you need to achieve PCI compliance. We keep it transparent with no setup or hidden fees.

Our pricing is based on actual usage. Unlike others, we don't charge you for the duration of storing cards as we understand you can't influence it. Instead, we charge you only when you really use it.

Are volume discounts available? 
Yes, we offer customized pricing for larger businesses. If your monthly conversion volume exceeds 25'000, just

PCI compliance for

499,- € / mo. including 12'500 conversions (CVX)
Overage: 100,-€ each 2'500 CVX  
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  • + No setup or hidden fees
  • + Suite of Tokenization APIs
  • + Universal Token Vault
  • + Show API

Add-Ons: Perfect your reservation and payment flows

Next to our basic plan to achieve PCI compliance, you can add more features to your solution.  

Forward card data to payment gateways and API endpoints or transact directly against your merchant account. Reduce your fraudulent bookings with credit card checks. White-label PCI Proxy and use your own domains instead of PCI Proxy URLs so your customers don't need to change any API endpoints.

Calls (CLX)100€ / mo. for 250'000 CLX

Send requests without card data and conversion.

Receiver (RCV) - 100€ / mo. per RCV

Forward card data to a PCI-compliant 3rd party.

Credit Card Check (CCC) - 100€ / mo. for 1'000 CCC

Check if a card is valid/fraudulent/stolen/invalid.

Whitelabel Proxy (DSC) - 100€ / mo. per domain

Hide PCI Proxy URLs behind your own domains.

Charge (TRX) - Talk to us

Transact directly against your merchant account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Add-Ons to achieve PCI-compliance?

No, our basic pricing plan includes everything you'll need to achieve PCI compliance from tokenization, storage and retrieval. 

What are Calls (CLX) for and when do I need them?

Calls are used on incoming traffic from channels that can't split between messages with and without credit card data. With the Calls Add-On you can also route messages without credit card data through PCI Proxy.

What are Receiver (RCV) and when do I need them?

Receiver are PCI-compliant API endpoints where you want to send credit card data to - this can be payment gateways or partner APIs. See a list of currently supported Receiver (RCV). If your RCV is not listed, we'll add it in minutes.

What are Shared Certificates (DSC) and what do I need them for?

Shared certificates can be used to hide our PCI Proxy URLs behind your own domains and ensure you are still out of PCI scope. This is especially interesting if you offer an API endpoint to your partner and don't want them to change any URLs.

What are Credit Card Checks (CCC)?

Checks can be used to proof that a stored credit card is still valid and not expired or stolen. We perform a card verification check against the VISA & Mastercard card network.

What are Charges (TRX)?

Charges are full authorizations (reserve an amount) and/or settlements (settle a reserved amount) that are made on a stored credit card.

Startup or Enterprise?

Need some help to get off the ground or volume discounts?