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Our secure vaults reside in Switzerland to keep your customers' data safe. 

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Trusted by over 3,300 customers for payments and PCI infrastructure. 

Long-time satisfied top-tier customers make us confident we built a internationally-accepted and battle-tested tokenization solution.

Trusted Certification
PCI DSS Level 1 Certification since 2006

Show your clients and partner the necessary trust level when exchanging card data with you. With PCI Proxy you bank on our full PCI DSS Level 1 certification.

Practical Performance record
16 Years of Experience

Since 2001 we help companies to sell products online and reduce their PCI compliance. Meanwhile, thousands of companies trust in our solutions in terms of reliability and security.

Highest Availability
99.995% Uptime in 2016

Sophisticated load balancing and our multiple geo-redundant system layouts ensure that you never miss data that is routed through our PCI Proxy.

Fast Response Times
Conversions between 5-50ms

We understand the challenges of keeping response times at a minimum. PCI Proxy is designed to add only a fractional overhead of <50 ms per conversion.

Explore Over 3,300 customers trust in our payment and PCI infrastructure to power its business. See our Customer Stories.

powered by Datatrans AG

Datatrans AG is the leading Swiss Payment Service Provider and powers PCI Proxy with its PCI and payment infrastructure.

Datatrans AG - Swiss E-Payment Competence

Datatrans is the leading Swiss Payment Service Provider with over 3,300 active customers and a yearly processing volume of over CHF 6 billion. 

The owner-led company operates a self-developed payment platform built on multiple redundant basis to guarantee the maximum reliability and highest security for its customers.

PCI Proxy is a devision within Datatrans AG and benefits of the international orientation and high level of advisory services from the Swiss market leader in E-Payments. 


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Datatrans AG
Kreuzbühlstrasse 26
8008 Zurich

PCI DSS level 1 Compliance

Since 2006, Datatrans holds consistently the highest PCI certification level 1 which is strictly reviewed year on year by approved PCI QSAs.

PCI DSS Certificate Secure
Dun & Bradstreet Rating

On 19.12.2016 Datatrans Ltd received again the Top-Rating "Risk Indicator 1" (risk indicator 1 means a minimum risk of business failure).

DB Rating Reliable

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